Wood Pencil and Notebook

Sustainable Products


Our aim is local; however, the issue is global. The resources of the world are finite and therefore finding and using sustainable products is vital for protecting and preserving habitats and wildlife all over the world. Sustainability is at the heart of what the Oxford Eco Garden believes, and it is the word around which our whole business model is based upon. We use sustainable products, and we sell reusable goods so that both sides of the business are contributing to an environmentally friendly world. We believe that we can all help in our own small way and the action of each of us can help contribute to the health of our planet. Oxford Eco Garden supports the local area and by so doing we do our little bit for the worldwide effort to create a viable future. To this end our products are made exclusively from natural materials and recycled goods so that we are working with the planet not against it. Anyone can carry out sustainable actions, yet no-one should be shamed or persecuted for not doing so. Sustainability is a complex issue that should be for everyone rather than reserved for the metropolitan communities. It comes in many forms and we believe there should not be a moral hierarchy around the issue. Sustainability, then, holds the keys to a bright future for Britain and the Oxford Eco Garden is committed to this future.

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