Image by Annie Spratt

British Wildflowers

Vital for Butterflies and Bees

The native wildflower meadow is a vital component of the great British countryside. Fauna and flora specialised to this land while supporting local pollinators. Many butterfly and bee species rely heavily on wildflower meadows. These unique habitats have declined by 97% since 1930 and make up just over 1% of the UK land mass. The main reason behind this decline comes down to heavy housing development and transport infrastructure. Wildflowers meadows are forever in direct competition with development as any land not farmed is very valuable. However, many organisations have realised this serious threat and have begun creating protected wildflower zones and encouraging people to help in any way big or small. Oxford Eco Garden sells native wildflower seeds and natural products for wildlife to help protect them for future generations. Whether a whole field, a corner of the garden or a hidden area of the garden, wildflowers can grow. Wildflowers are a spectacle peculiar in their eloquent but fragile beauty. They coalesce to form meadows of graceful colour waving to the tune of a summer zephyr. These painted vales are the acme of nature’s gifts yet for many months they lay hidden as barren soil before they burst into the bloom of life. Wildflowers can grow in much more limited zones, individual species sold on our website can be spread in most scrub land or parks. These little flowers may seem insignificant yet all make a difference. We all must work to preserve these meadows of wildflowers, for we believe that in them we see a truly wonderful process of nature.

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